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Blue Diamond Impact is your number one source for all impact windows products and services.

Our highly qualified team installs efficient and high-quality impact windows for businesses and homeowners in South Florida. The windows are available in aluminum and vinyl.

Impact windows are highly durable and resistant to hurricanes. We provide comprehensive services that meet your expectations at all times.

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Impact windows are the perfect solution for Hurricane Protection, Energy Efficiency, Safety for your family and Noise Reduction. At Blue Diamond Impact, we pride ourselves on the quality our team provides our customers when it comes to communication as well as installation.

Impact windows provide maximum protection that is unrivaled by shutters or any other material. Other additional benefits include prevention of 99% of UV lights penetration.


Featuring an older, classic style that features a movable bottom sash (or panel) that opens and closes vertically. Single Hung Windows provides a wider opening than HR Windows offering maximum ventilation. These windows are ideal for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios. It has a number of benefits:

  • Enhanced security against intruders
  • Reduced outdoor noise – relax in a peaceful ambience
  • Prevents a major portion of UV light from entering your home-cooler interiors
  • Save on energy costs by incorporating laminated insulating glass in the design
  • Integrated lift rails and deluxe swivel locks

Single hung windows can be locked in the case of egress and/or handicap requirements. You have a wide range of sizes and styles to pick from, but if you aren’t satisfied with standard designs, feel free to ask our team of the possible options.


The horizontal operating mechanism of being on rollers, makes this window extremely versatile with slightly overlapping sashes on the left or right. Horizontal Rollers offer 2- and 3-lite configurations (where one or two panels may open), and many feature removable operating panels for easy cleaning. The Horizontal Roller allows for:

  • Excellent year-round security from burglars
  • Less outdoor noise and filtered UV light
  • Sash (mobile window) can be conveniently removed during cleaning


Casement Windows offer a sophisticated design with maximum ventilation and uninterrupted vertical views. They can be custom built to match your preferences such as self-contained operating and fixed sections or multiple window configurations.

  • Casements are the most elegant and prove useful during emergencies.
  • Smooth, Hassle-Free Operation with Fold away Handle
  • Hinged on the right- or left-hand side and can be opened by turning a handle


Picture windows or Fixed windows, can be a variety of shapes such as Square, Rectangle, Half-Round, Quarter Round, Circle, and Trapezoid. These Fixed Windows enhance the look of your home by allowing more light in. They can be attached with other windows to create unique looking openings.

  • Screw Covers for an elegant finish
  • Fixed (non-operable) Windows are often complemented with the Architectural windows

We Care for your Home / Business as if it were Ours.